Shūshū: Matchboxes from Kikuko Obachan's Collection” (2022)




This hand made zine contains a collection of matchboxes my great aunt put in a baked sweets box. I found this box several years ago while cleaning out her house, where I live with my family now. This collection has no specific historical nor any market value, but was special to her for some personal reason. I was attracted to such value of these tiny things that can’t be replaced to anything else.

First hand-made zine edition of 30 copies. Each copy has different page orders.

Title:  Shūshū: Matchboxes from Kikuko Obachan's Collection
Artist: Yukihito Kono
Self published, 2022
Softcover, glue binding
165 x 105 x 7 mm
94 pages
First edition of 30 copies