“Raster” (2014)

While there are countless photographic works on the subject of "relationships," in this work Kono explores a new way of telling a story other than through a personal narrative or documentary method. Instead of applying the photographs to a literary structure of a beginning-to-end linear time line, Kono photocopies and relentlessly repeats the photographs, creating a visual effect of time being stretched out with each turn of the page. Although the photographs themselves do not change, the "pause" between successive images and the different textures that the almost-broken old photocopy machine made change the impression of the photographs, reaffirming the fact that the viewer's self-projection and interpretation of his or her own self-projection when viewing a work of art create all kinds of impressions. Paying homage to such masterpieces as Nobuyoshi Araki's "Sentimental Journey" and Gerhard Richter's "Betty," Kono has achieved a new style of photography through the expressive form of a collection of works.

Limited edition of 50 copies, hand numbered and signed by the artist.

Selected for on of the best books of 2014 on photo-eye (mentioned by Ruth van Beek), and selected as Notable books of 2014 by CUATRO CUERPOS.



スペインの「CUATRO CUERPOS」による「Notable books of 2014」選出


Title: Raster
Artist: Yukihito Kono
Self published, November 2014
Softcover, Japanese binding
420 x 297 x 9 mm
141 pages
Limited edition of 50 copies (unique), signed and numbered by the artist