Parkland Walk” (2011-2016)

“I had a mysterious experience once before, though there is no way to ascertain if it really happened or not.

It was a calm summer night. I was visiting a friend who lives in Highgate, which is located in North London, and we were drinking in the small courtyard. Being in the stillness of night particular to residential streets, suddenly, I heard the sound of trains rumbling from somewhere far away. It was the sound of trains running overground, not those blurred sound of crawling underground. However, I didn’t care much about it because I was drunk, and time passed by.

After going back to Japan, I was looking back the pictures I took at Parkland Walk in Highgate long time ago (It was a night in summer, too). The low quality of images whose films were scanned at a chain photo processing shop, and my vanishing memory of that place strangely matched together. Time flies so fast. I realized that I rarely knew about the place, without the information that trains used to run through the path way.

I therefore started searching information of that pathway on the internet, and lots of articles came out including personal websites. Reading articles, the memory gradually comes back; the sunshine filtering of a sunny day, the muddy ground of a rainy day, people taking a walk, dogs, bikes and bird’s humming.

Then I was stopped at a line, which says that there’s a myth that trains could still be heard rumbling along the route close to the Highgate tunnels, even after tracks had been lifted. The memory I had completely forgotten came back silently.

I heard the sound from somewhere far away once again.”




日本に帰国した後、私はハイゲートの遊歩道、パークランドウォークで以前撮影した写真を見返していた(それもまた、ある夏の日の夜の事であった)。チェーンの写真屋で現像、スキャンされた画質の悪い写真と、その場所に関する薄れた記憶は妙にマッチしていた。 時が過ぎるのはとても早い。考えてみれば私はその場所について、昔電車が通っていて今は散歩道になっているという情報意外大して知らない事に気がついた。






Title: Parkland Walk
Self published, September 2013
Softcover with an insert, saddle stitched
148 × 210 mm
26 pages
Text in English 
Limited edition of 60 copies, numbered

Two different editions of artist books were published in 2013 and 2019