Installation View “Landscape Manual” (2024)
April 27 - May 12, 2024
IACK Kanazawa, Japan

“Kono made the work "When You Look At The Landscape" in 2024 for Hanamurasaki, a ryokan situated in Yamanaka Onsen, which is located in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. At first, Kono planned to show selected photographs from his own archives. However, upon visiting the exhibition space, where the nuances of the light beautifully changed with the time of day and season, he decided to work on site-specific work that made the most of the unique features of the venue.

At first glance, the large-format mountain photographs appear to be classic landscapes, but Kono printed the photographs once they were taken and then affixed them to the walls of the exhibition room where the works would actually be installed, re-shooting the prints under natural light. As a result, the photographs are not only a record of the majestic mountains, but also of the light illuminating the exhibition room on a particular day, causing the viewer's gaze to waver between different places and times and the multilayered light recorded in the photographs. This solo exhibition reconstructs the relationship between the two by shifting the location from Yamanaka to Kanazawa.

In “Landscape Manual,” the artist endeavours to evoke the visual representation of the Yamanaka landscape by skillfully blending new photographs with the existing series. The artist achieves this by seamlessly transitioning between fragments and the entirety of the landscape. A print from "When You Look At The Landscape" and five prints of varying sizes, which depict local flora and details of the walls and other surfaces, occupy the blank space on the wall, while a low table in the exhibition room hosts a variety of photographs that respond to the minimalist rhythm of the wall. The wall invites visitors to gaze at the pictures like they're gazing at a landscape, while the tables, arranged with photographs in various orientations, beckon them to peek through.

Kono has created numerous works that enable viewers to establish a connection between fragmented images and their own selves until today. Kono bases this on the idea that the true potential of photography today lies not in the act of creating images but rather in unravelling the entanglement of accepted fixed images. Through this work, photography deconstructs the conventional perception of Yamanaka as a typical hot spring resort, and instead, delves into a fresh perspective of the place and its potential.”
─ Exerpts from the press release





河野は、鑑賞者自身に断片的イメージを接続させるような作品を多く制作してきましたが、その背景には、写真の可能性はイメージを作り上げていくことよりも、むしろその必然性を受け入れた上で固着したイメージの結び目を緩めていくことにある、という思想があります。 本作もまた温泉地としての山中のイメージを一度解体し、写真を通して新たな山中像とその可能性を探求しているのです」
─ 展覧会リリース文より抜粋