"Untitled" (2019)


This series of photographs was taken when Kono visited a warehouse party in Amsterdam. Away from the concept that cameras are extensions of human bodies, Kono did not look through the viewfinder in the pitch-dark venue but used a powerful flash and the optical zoom of his digital camera to its fullest extent to shoot from overhead. He didn’t look back at those photographs for years and discovered them later in his archives by accident. These photos were the record of what the camera saw through his lens, not through Kono’s eyes, and thus they didn't correspond to his visual experience or memory of the night. They emerged from the darkness as a scene he had never seen before. 

Artist book: “Untitled” is available from IACK (Kanazawa, JP)

 Installation view from the exhibition “Figures” at IACK, Kanazawa 2020

2020年6月13日(土)- 8月2日(日)
IACK, Kanazawa

「可視化される境界 - あるいはコロナ渦における写真表現について」